The Show
AGE OF POWER is a new musical that tells the story of Thomas Edison’s and Nikola Tesla's pursuit to light up the world. Their competition unleashed a vicious personal and corporate war to control the new technology of electricity. Set in the Gilded Age, the story plays out as America is emerging as an industrial powerhouse; women, minorities, and immigrants are demanding equality; and Wall Street is giving rise to the mega-corporation. The battle between the self-assured Edison, America’s most famous inventor, and the eccentric immigrant Tesla, who arrived in New York with only four cents in his pocket, left riches, heartbreak, and death in its wake. Both men understood that their quest would change the course of mankind, but they could not foresee how it would change their lives and the lives of the women they loved.

A Musical for Our Times
Edison and Tesla are the perfect heroes for a time when scientific facts are called into question and the excitement over and fear of new technology is a national obsession. The underlying themes of innovation, immigration, self-empowerment, and corporate responsibility are as current today as they were at the dawn of the twentieth century.